Who’s at the popular table? Our analysis found which open data the public likes.

We compared open data from 141 cities and states to figure out what information sets residents want most. Here’s what we found. Chi c’è al tavolo dei popolari? Le nostre analisi hanno trovato quali open data piacciono al pubblico Abbiamo comparato open data da 141 città e paesi per capire quali informazioni vogliono maggiormente i […]

Which States Have Most to Lose From DACA Elimination

The rollback of deportation protection for DREAMers—young people who were brought to the country illegally as children—is going to have an impact everywhere. Quali stati hanno più da perdere dall’eliminazione del DACA Il ritiro della protezione sulla deportazione per i DREAMers – giovani portati illegalmente nel paese da bambini – avrà impatto dovunque.

A Better Approach to Sales Territory Management Using Spatial Clustering

Using a spatially constrained clustering analysis, we show you how sales teams can think differently about their sales territories. Un Approccio Migliore alla Gestione del Territorio di Vendita Usando il Raggruppamento Spaziale Usando analisi raggruppate limitate spazialmente, mostriamo come i team di vendita possono pensare diversamente i loro territori di vendita.

Drive-time Isochrones from a single Shapefile using QGIS, PostGIS, and Pgrouting

This is a guest post by Chris Kohler @Chriskohler8. Introduction: This guide provides step-by-step instructions to produce drive-time isochrones using a single vector shapefile. The method described here involves building a routing network using a single vector shapefile of your roads data within a Virtual Box. Furthermore, the network is built by creating start and end […]

Areal-Weighted Re-Aggregation

In this tutorial, we will compare race (as defined by the US Census) in House Congressional Districts in two states, North Carolina and Indiana, that differ with respect to the shape of their districts and reflect different histories of gerrymandering. This topic provides a vehicle to learn a method for re-aggregating count data, called Areal-Weighted […]

Map Monday: Is the American Dream Still Affordable?

The story map Is the American Dream Still Alive reveals insights about the relationship between demographic changes and affordable housing. Map Monday: Il Sogno Americano è ancora abbordabile? La story map “Il Sogno Americano è ancora Vivo” rivela opinioni sulla relazione tra cambiamenti demografici e case abbordabili.

What is GeoJSON and why should you care?

GeoJSON is a core technology in web GIS. It allows vector data to be stored in a text-based format that is easily handled in JavaScript, sent across the internet, or stored in a database (including web storage). This makes it a natural fit for web based GIS and almost all JavaScript mapping API’s can display GeoJSON […]

A Really Good Guide on Location Intelligence Implementation

Follow this step-by-step Location Intelligence guide to turn your location data into business outcomes. Un’Ottima Guida sull’Implementazione della Location Intelligence Segui passo passo questa guida sulla Location Intelligence per trasformare i tuoi dati di posizione in risultati di business.

4 Powerful Historical Maps Every Data Analyst Should Know

These four historical maps reveal that innovations in a map’s perspective, data, and aesthetics all contributed to the complex five-decade evolution of location intelligence. 4 Potenti Mappe Storiche che Ogni Data Analyst Dovrebbe Conoscere Queste quattro mappe storiche rivelano che le innovazioni in una mappa, prospettiva, dati ed estetica hanno tutti contribuito alla complessa evoluzione di […]