Public transport and school location impacts on educational inequalities in Sao Paulo

In 2016, I had the opportunity to attend a session at the AAG conference where Ana Moreno-Monroy presented a very interesting paper analyzing inequalities in school accessibility by public transport  in Sao Paulo. The paper is coming out in the Journal of Transport Geography and it’s coauthored by Robin Lovelace and Fred Ramos, such a great team. I should also note […]

The Healthcare GeoMarketing Trend to Watch in 2018

Healthcare analysts spend more time collecting, scrubbing, and managing data than they do actually analyzing it. This trend will help with that. Il trend del GeoMarketing nell’Healthcare da Vedere nel 2018 Gli analisti dell’Healthcare passano più tempo a raccogliere, ripulire e gestire dati di quanto ne trascorrano ad analizzarli. Questo trend sarà d’aiuto.