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Solutions: WebGIS Full Cloud

The WebGIS version 5.0 is live! This fantastic version introduces a wide range of workflow improvements and features. The list is glorious as it is long, for starters: We have introduced the option to customize Logo, colors and buttons, a new Navigator hosts all the tools you need, geolocalization, export PDF, Excel or Vector format, geometry editing, and so much more.


Intuitive web mapping solutions using your GIS data. Publish data easily using a graphical web interface. Full source PHP/Javascript code to customize everything. There are many plugins that you can enable to publish only the functionality you need. All on cloud: Postgres/PostGIS database, Geoserver, WebGIS application / App delivered on Digital Ocean server.

Ease of Use

If you're already using GIS/QGIS then it's even easier, but the interface may be complicated for many users. This WebGIS is optimized user-friendly and the user can reach his goal in a few clicks.

15 Prebuilt Template

This number continues to grow. The many development requests allow to enrich the choice offered to Premium licenses.



This price includes ONE-TIME cost for WebGIS and all Plug-ins.
Digital Ocean Website Hosting strat from $30/mo. New Plug-ins / update for 6 months, included.