About me

  • open source GIS expert
  • web developer
  • tree mapper

I have been working with spatial data for more than ten years, helping municipalities, professionals and companies to improve public service and approach the issue of smart cities.
I studied environmental ingeneering at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and graduated from Politecnico di Milano University with a thesis on the Territorial Plan for Provincial Coordination (PTCP) of Mantua. I have then decided to use open source GIS at professional level as a solid alternative to proprietary softwares – I also enjoy explaining this subject in free hangouts and classes for professionals and individuals (via Skype as well as in person).
I have worked on different sized projects, from town planning at municipal level to territorial marketing and spatial analysis for the infrastructure sector. My latest projects include the territorial zoning plan of Carbonate, a geo-blog for the Monferrato area and Autostrada Pedemontana.
My strong interest in free tecnology, open data, networking and geography has led me to found LUG (Linux User Group) Legnano, which is a sharing and learning platform about Linux. I am also a member of GULLP (Gruppo Utenti Linux Lonate Pozzolo) and of the Italian community of OpenStreetMap.
I have also started various communities and discussion panels on Google+ and LinkedIn and I am always available via email.

Mission: urban planner

I have always used Google services, including all those which have been closed. I appreciate the way in which the company has improved our lives and has become part of them. With its niche social network, Google is a quite complex system but still it is easy to use, enabling me to manage my virtual activities. Just as Twitter and Facebook, G+ is useful for professional networking and I personally have learnt a lot from it. I have gained more than 700 subscribers to the group GIS and the City (ITA) – most of them are Italian and interested in mapping and open source technology.

Thanks to Google+ and WordPress, I can deal with my subjects of interest with a customized but thorough approach.

My YouTube channel GISTIPS – GIS OpenSource per pianificazione territoriale is gaining increasing interest, which I did not expect. I began by recording my work and was asked some questions in the comment section and via email. I now make videos to answer those questions and to discuss the issues my followers raise, both because I like to revise the basic concepts of the GIS world and because nothing is ever obvious in this field. Watch them if you’re interested, and do not forget to follow my page!

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