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Construction map UK

Pinpointing construction activity in the UK

Construction Map allows you to search and view details of construction sites, companies, suppliers and partners registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme, the national body set up to improve and promote the image of construction.

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Why The Future of Food Depends on Location Intelligence

Chew on this for a moment. Take out your smart device, unlock your screen, and scroll through your apps. How many food specific applications are installed?

From Seamless to UberEats to Resy, companies are cropping up around the world to serve shoppers and potential customers instantly, efficiently, and directly.

The food industry has always driven technological innovation, from early civilizations cultivating farms to the British Agricultural Revolution to the microwave oven. Today’s connected and on-the-go shopper have even more demands and higher expectations than shoppers of the past.

And there is one ingredient that the future of grocery and meal delivery services greatly depends on: location intelligence.