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The Capital Planning Platform is a new resource for collaborative planning, powered by open data and open source technology.

The New York City Department of City Planning pioneered open data with Bytes of the Big Apple a decade ago. With the creation of the DCP”s Capital Planning Division in 2014, we envisioned a new civic technology resource: the Capital Planning Platform – a place for planners to access the maps, data, and analytics that they need to plan for public investments in neighborhoods and collaborate with one another. The NYC Facilities Explorer (beta) is a first step in building this vision. Over the months and years to come, we plan to add more map layers, new and improved datasets, and new analysis tools to this mapping platform to help automate a broad array of planning analyses and make the capital planning process more efficient, coordinated, and strategic across the public and private sectors in New York City.

The Capital Planning Platform complements other data and maps that DCP produces. We also encourage users to explore the following resources, among others, on DCP”s website.

  • NYC Census FactFinder – An interactive tool for creating demographic, social, economic, and housing profiles for neighborhoods and user-defined groupings of Census tracts.
  • PLUTO and MapPLUTO – Extensive land use and geographic data at the tax lot level in multiple formats.
  • Zoning and Land use Application (ZoLA) – ZoLA provides a simple way to research zoning regulations in New York City.
  • Waterfront Access Map – This interactive map identifies and provides information about New York City’s inventory of publicly-accessible waterfront spaces.
  • Community Portal – The DCP Community Portal offers resources on a variety of topics related to land use, community planning, and demographic trends for each of New York City’s 59 Community Boards

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Geoportale Lombardia: Strutture Ricettive Alberghiere e extra-alberghiere

Elenco strutture alberghiere, extra-alberghiere e complementari. In particolare è disponibile l’elenco di alberghi, Residenze Turistico Alberghiere, affittacamere, case e appartamenti per vacanze, bed & breakfast, campeggi e villaggi turistici. Sono comprese tutte le caratteristiche delle strutture e i servizi che offrono.

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Introducing CARTO SalesQuest: Location-Based Sales Analytics

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how different business functions use Location Intelligence in very different ways to solve very different problems.

This has led customers to ask us if we would ever build specific solutions for use cases. Today, with years of experience and thousands of customer applications deployed, we’re excited to announce our first solution built on the CARTO platform: CARTO SalesQuest.

CARTO SalesQuest is a location-based Sales Analytics solution that applies spatial analysis and location data streams to your company’s sales CRM data, boosting your team’s sales performance.

Analyzing sales data and making strategic decisions to improve your sales team’s performance has traditionally relied on sales analytics tools that focus on when sales happen: How long is my team’s sales cycle? What is our pipeline for the next three months? What is our win rate for last fiscal quarter?

These are vitally important questions for a sales team, but in order to truly optimize your sales performance in real-time, you need the ability to ask questions about where sales happens:

  • Where are there high-value opportunities in my team’s sales territory?
  • Where should I hire, assign, and deploy additional field reps based on opportunity value?
  • Where might there be potential new customers based on open data about demographics or consumer trends?

CARTO SalesQuest puts the power of location right in your sales rep’s hands, helping them to find locations of nearby prospects, visualize their customers according to time of last touch, or even prioritize sales visits based on opportunity value.

Boosting sales performance with location

We’ve spoken with lots of sales leader about optimizing sales practices around: customer segmentationsales territory design, and territory management.

While developing CARTO SalesQuest, we asked sales leaders what was most important for them in a sales analytics solution. Here’s what they said:

  • Role-Based Access. Users can assign view access according to your organization’s internal structure to maintain workflows for existing sales territories.
  • Mobile & Desktop Ready. Access SalesQuest in the office or in the field with a responsive design that adjusts to whatever size devices you and your sales team uses.
  • CRM ready. SalesQuest is ready to plug and play with your existing CRM system.

These features are important, but we also knew that in order for sales teams to optimize in real-time, we would have to augment their CRM sales data with other location data streams.

What does this look like in the world of field sales?

A leading security company we work with was able to give their sales reps data about their opportunities that other companies weren’t able to provide. They used Open Data on crime statistics across the different cities their reps were assigned to in order to identify potential new business for alarm and security service sales.

CARTO SalesQuest

Learn more about how location-based Sales Analytics can boost sales performance.


Optimize sales visit schedules

In a recent Salesforce study, a large majority of sales representatives cited internal ineffieciencies as the cause for their team’s productivity gap. In fact, respondents admitted that on average only ⅓ of their work week is spent selling while the rest is spent on more administrative tasks.

Addressing this challenge is all about making the field experience more intuitive, making selling as easy as planning a route in Google Maps or booking a hotel in the ideal location on That’s precisely why SalesQuest is built on CARTO’s simple interactive map interface so that planning an efficient business trip is data-driven, but still simple. This allows your reps to:

  • Visualize the location of nearby prospects, customers and sleepers. Minimize travel costs using route optimization when planning visits
  • See customers according to time of last touch. Maintain customer satisfaction with balanced coverage across sales area
  • Visualize nearby renewal opportunities. Reduce churn rates with visits to customers with expiring contracts
  • Identify highest value opportunities. Prioritize sales visits by highest value customers and prospects

For one client, equipping field sales reps with SalesQuest has led to a 6% increase in ASPs recorded by sales representatives, a 9% increase in the number of clients visited per month, and a 12% decrease in travel time for sales representatives.

Identify sub-optimal sales behavior

Operations managers can also take advantage of the role-access view to analyze trends and patterns in sales behavior that could be putting their quota well out of reach.

Recently, a company’s head of sales for Europe found that the average selling price on new transactions had been decreasing significantly. The head of sales wanted to figure out how and where her sales team could change behaviors to make sure this trend didn’t continue.

The image below shows the map of CRM’s sales data, filtered to new business opportunities with an average price of $60,000 or less within the European sales region.

SalesQuest Demo

The distribution of opportunities is spread out across the continent, which doesn’t yet provide the head of sales with actionable insights on how best to change sales behavior. But filtering the sales data down to the time period when the most sales are closed, which tends to be the end of the quarter, may help identify which area is in need of help.

In the image below we see a drastic difference in amount of low-dollar new transactions during the end of the sales quarter in and around Germany.

SalesQuest Demo

Upon a closer look we can pinpoint that the most low-dollar new business transactions occur in the city of Hamburg, Germany.

SalesQuest Demo

This granular insight allowed the head of sales to begin implementing changes for this specific team on the ground, refocusing them on higher-value new opportunities, business expansion, and renewal opportunities.

Our team is ready and waiting to hear from you. What are your biggest sales optimization challenges? Where do you feel like you have sales blind spots? Reach out to our team to start a conversation!

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Servizi Abitativi Pubblici (SAP)

Il servizio contiene il numero di domande per i servizi abitativi pubblici (SAP) che risultano in graduatoria ai sensi della L.R. n. 16/2016.

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Boost your business with Location Intelligence

According to Gartner, the number of organizations using Location Intelligence is expected to quadruple by 2021. What are you waiting for?

  •   Banking & Insurance

    Whether it’s for financial risk assessment or spatial fraud detection, exploiting location data enables financial service organizations to thrive.


  •   Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Business Intelligence wasn’t built for location data. Discover actionable insights not possible with BI tools – converting your data into tangible business outcomes.


  •   Cities & Government

    Smart Cities and progressive governments don’t just manage the data surrounding them, they make it a cornerstone of their strategy and service to citizens.


  •   Real Estate

    World-leading real estate companies know that location is pivotal in getting investment and pricing decisions spot on – identifying opportunities ahead of  the competition.


  •   Retail

    Take on the growing threat of ecommerce with location data and leverage demographic and socioeconomic data to redefine customer engagement.


  •   Transport & Logistics

    Use location data to optimize your operational performance, reduce costs and drive a high-performing transport network or supply chain – saving your organization valuable time and money.


  •   Telco & Utilities

    Maximize operational efficiency and make smarter decisions on your network to gain market share and become more customer-centric through Location Intelligence.


  •   Healthcare & Pharma

    Align sales territories, assess staff performance and gain insight on healthcare provision using spatial analytics to analyze, optimize and predict.


  •   Web & Mobile Development

    Embed maps within your website or app bringing the best in Location Intelligence to customers and users in a seamless, intuitive way.


  •   Natural & Conservation Science

    From Environmental Activism and Analysis to Satellite Imagery Visualization – make it easy to monitor the physical processes of our world and protect our planet.


  •   Journalism & Media

    Data storytelling doesn’t have to be difficult. Use location data to spread the word and bring your brand to life in a way your audience understands.


  •   Education & Research

    Bring education to life with location. Whether it’s geography, history or politics – teach about the past and present with tools of the future.


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Real Estate

World-leading real estate companies know that location is pivotal in getting investment and pricing decisions spot on – identifying opportunities ahead of  the competition.

Investment Analysis

Identify where to expand, set up and relocate by visualizing commercial and residential property locations. Use CARTO’s customizable dashboards and view detailed data indicators from our Data Observatory, like population density and economic output – creating insights to power your biggest portfolio decisions.

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Construction map UK

Pinpointing construction activity in the UK

Construction Map allows you to search and view details of construction sites, companies, suppliers and partners registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme, the national body set up to improve and promote the image of construction.

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Geoportale Lombardia: Sagre&Fiere

📂 Download file

Mappa interattiva:

Elenco delle Sagre e fiere su area pubblica che si svolgono nei singoli Comuni, così come previsto dall’articolo 18 bis, comma 1 della LR 6/2010.I dati sono comunicati dai singoli Comuni nel periodo 15/10 -15/12 di ciascun anno (per calendario sagre/fiere anno successivo) e settimanalmente (variazioni calendario anno in corso).Tutte le informazioni pubblicate sono fornite direttamente dai Comuni mediante piattaforma “Sistema Modulare Acquisizione Flussi.

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California Wildfire Maps: How fires and smoke are spreading

The wildfires ravaging northern California this month are among the most destructive in the state’s history. Since the beginning of October, wildfires across northern California counties including Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, and Butte have to date burned over 170,000 acres of land, destroyed 3,500 structures, forced the evacuation of 200,000 people, and caused 31 deaths.

The accelerated speed at which these fires are spreading, reportedly spanning 20,000 acres a single day, are making it nearly impossible for fire managers to forecast using their traditional models which are typically built with data related to vegetation type, humidity, temperature, and terrain. But, as recently reported, these models are outdated and do not take into account the volatile weather conditions, especially turbulent wind patterns, caused by the fire itself.

Together, the maps visualize active fire perimeters, density of smoke levels, nearby vulnerable populations, and property risks to local agricultural businesses. We hope the maps will help disseminate vital information to residents, rescue agencies, and relief organization while also raising awareness of the long term health hazards exposure to high levels of smoke.

Mapping Smoke Density Exposure Levels


The apocalyptic images (above) of Disneyland drastically show the smoke density levels across Anaheim, California putting residents at-risk for health hazards from smoke inhalation. But there are no active wildfires in Anaheim or any nearby areas as the image below shows:


The data visualization (below) presents active wildfires (as of this publication) and the density of smoke spreading across the state using data provided by (1) NOAA’s National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center and (2) Hazard Mapping System Fire Analysis.

Public health official looking for more demographic information on populations at-risk for respiratory complications resulting from exposure to high level of smoke can turn of a third layer of data provided by the Social Vulnerability Index (SVI).

In the map below, the SVI data layer has been turned activated and the “Socioeconomic Theme” widget’s autostyle feature has been turn on to provide demographic context to the map.

Styling this map by various demographic attributes can provide public officials insights on how best to prioritize response initiatives for the most vulnerable populations.

A close up view of Napa county

The previous map presented a statewide overview of the wildfire crisis, but for a more local understanding, Mamata built a second map on Napa County that syncs each hour with updated data on (1) Napa County Parcel Data and (2) Fire Perimeter Data.

The map below, using the autostyle feature for the “Active Fires” widget, provides tactical information on property risks through Napa county.

Local government officials can use this type of information to more strategically allocate disaster relief resources. For example, the “Land Use Type” widget helps estimate residential occupancy for each parcel allowing responders to identify at-risk populations according to their proximity to active fire perimeters.

How to help

There’s plenty of ways you can help in current and future disaster relief efforts. The Red Cross has provided detailed instructions on how to donate, and for more local initiatives you can checkout this post from The San Diego Union Tribune.

Idee e progetti Servizi slack-gis-tips tutte le ultime novità sul mondo della neve

Nella sezione “Mappe” avrai accesso a tutte le informazioni necessarie per pianificare la prossima escursione e visualizzare la presenza di neve nell’arco alpino: Francia, Italia, Svizzera, Austria e Slovenia. Troverai molte funzionalità utili tra cui:
altezza neve, neve fresca caduta, previsione neve

pendenza del versante, zero termico, tracciati e rifugi
escursioni, misure neve e segnalazioni meteo da parte degli utenti