GISTIPS project

LeafletJS, natively don't use sprite, but it's possibile to use single image for icon.


GISTIPS project

GISTIPS project, which has evolved over the last 10 years, is currently focused on the following 3 aspects:
- an open-source webgis platform, completely customizable called **watchdog**
- geohash and openstreetmap integration (proof-of-location)
- arrangement of **geospatial-data-catalog**

More about >> [watchdog](

I have never learned so much since I started sharing ... and I will do it forever! I'm Piergiorgio and I'm an Urban planner with experiences in GIS (Geographic information systems). The GIS software program is a great benefit in the workplace and you can use it:
- for creating map
- for analyzing geographic data
- for publishing some maps on your website GIS isn't simple to understand, because it's a merged solution between Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator and CAD software. I created a YouTube channel in 2012 about GIS and QGIS with more than 500 tutorials for free. Please share these video! I'm PJ, founder of Cityplanner. Happy mapping!

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