Starting a research on Blockchain and Spatial Index


Starting a research on Blockchain and Spatial Index

I have been interested in the Spatial index for a long time and across various blogs I recently started to read about blockchain.

It's very difficult to understand the Blockchain system and a lot of people thought that Blockchain was the Cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain is a system for creating objects and managing transactions.
Cryptocurrencies are money for making a transaction.
We make transactions each day, for bing or selling, for sending emails or text messages, for interacting in video games or in general each time when two people interact.

In any case, if any object is undergoing a digital transaction, it could utilize Blockchain.
Blockchain is a standard protocol and open source software. We can also use it with a free license, for individual targets.
There is a public list of all transactions that use this protocol but the content of any transaction is encrypted and only those (or programmer) who created the transaction can decrypt it.

I started to read Blockchain arguments because it can be a part of Spatial index transaction.
Spatial Index is a code set that represents all locations in the world.
With Spatial Index we can localize all things in the world, without errors.
A code set (color index) can also be used for colours.
For example code #fff is black and code #000 is always black.

The spatial Index combined with the Blockchain transaction system can also be used for real Estate flow.
In this case, the same house in the same location can be owned by different people in different periods.
Similar to the Blockchain, Real Estate management is difficult too, but in conclusion with a Blockchain system, it is possible to generate a property document, for a specific location, in a specific period, from person A to person B, with a standard protocol for this transaction, recognizable without a third party.