GIS / GeoBI Developer & Urban Planner

Charting cities, populations, and throughfares in preparation for tomorrow’s solutions.

GIS / GeoBI Developer & Urban Planner

Complex DATA: Easy GOALS

From ArcGIS to New GIS era

GIS expert managing geospatial data to support a variety of project and client needs. Performs programming, data analysis, or software development for GIS applications. Active contributor on YouTube's online QGIS tutorials channel and Open Source community projects. Designed, promoted, or administered government plans or policies affecting land use, zoning, public utilities, community facilities, housing, or transportation.

During GIS career, I have sought opportunities to analyze situations accurately so effective plans of action could be developed and safely executed, establish good relationships with local residents, maintain GIS applications and procedures, as well as teach, train, and communicate GIS concepts to non-GIS users.

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A Cloud-Based Geospatial Platform. [GEO]DASHBOARDis a comprehensive geospatial platform that combines elements of software, tools and cloud-based infrastructure. It is designed to provide a structured framework for managing and visualizing geospatial data, offering a range of functionalities and capabilities to users.

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